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The Fellowship Program, Year 2

  1. The second year fellow spends the majority of his or her time on a basic science or clinical research project. The project is chosen by the fellow from among the broad areas of investigation pursued within the loratories and clinical research centers of each institution, and is supervised by one or more faculty preceptors. The project must be approved by a member of the faculty and the program director. It is expected that each fellow¹s research project will be of sufficient quality to be worthy of publication and presentation in national scientific meetings. During this year, the fellow will be encouraged to apply for long-term funding for subsequent career development.

  2. Second year fellows are to maintain their panels in both the Lupus and the general Arthritis clinic every week. Subspecialty clinics such as Pediatric Rheumatology, Osteoporosis, and the orthopaedic clinics are encouraged.

  3. All second year fellows will do up to one month of clinical rotation (ward consultation).

Attendance at all conferences are mandatory for first and second year fellows. Presentations are expected from each fellow at one of these conferences.