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The Fellowship Program, Year 1

The Rheumatology Fellowship is a two-year program. The emphasis of the first year is on clinical proficiency, while the ensuing year(s) is on clinical investigation or basic science research. A third year of training may be offered to fellows who distinguish themselves during the program.

Inpatient Consultation

The first year is primarily devoted to clinical medicine, with equal emphasis upon training in inpatient and outpatient rheumatology. Fellows rotate among the affiliated hospitals (Bellevue Hospital Center, HJD, and the Manhattan VA) in which they provide consultation for inpatients with rheumatic diseases. By rotation through these institutions, the fellowship affords exposure to a diverse population of patients and a wide spectrum of rheumatic diseases and management issues.

Fellows must supervised and write admission and progress notes on all service patients at HJD, in both rheumatology and orthopaedic/rheumatology cases. Fellows will be responsible for admission notes and discharge summaries for private cases admitted to the rheumatology service.

Ambulatory Care

A major strength of the fellowship program lies in the wealth of outpatient experiences found within each institution.

  1. During the first year of training, fellows will develop their own panels of patients in each clinic. Clinics are organized according to broad disease classifications (i.e., Lupus, General Arthritis). Each first year fellow will attend three (3) clinics per week: Lupus Clinic (Bellevue Hospital or HJD), Arthritis Clinic (Bellevue Hospital or HJD), and the Rheumatology Clinic at the Manhattan VA. Attendance is expected at all other time except during vacation. If additional cancellation of clinic is unavoidle, clinic directors must be informed, and clinic patients be canceled for that date. Clinics at HJD are open on non-hospital holidays, i.e. Martin Luther King Birthday, President's Day. Clinic holidays vary at different institutions.

  2. To insure a well rounded education, first year fellows on MVA or HJD rotation will select two additional clinics to attend on a weekly basis:

    • HJD
      • Shoulder Clinic
      • Ambulatory Clinical Research Center
      • Spine Clinic
      • Foot Clinic
      • Hand Clinic
      • Osteoporosis Clinic
      • Pain Clinic

    • Bellevue Hospital
      • Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic

Attendance at the Osteoporosis Clinic at HJD and Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic at Bellevue Hospital is mandatory for the HJD and Manhattan VA rotations. Observational sessions in the HJD Rheumatology Faculty Practice with private attendings are also encouraged.