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Prevention of Loosening of Total Hip Replacement

A trial to test if alendronate 35 or 10 mg daily, is safe and effective for the prevention and treatment of Periprosthetic Osteolysis (which means holes have formed in bone surrounding your hip replacement).


To test if alendronate in investigational doses of 35 or 10 mg daily, is safe and effective in increasing bone mass around the hip replacement and slowing further progression of osteolysis (holes that have formed in bone surrounding your hip replacement) in the initial 6 months of the study. The next 12 months are designed to test whether additional treatment with alendronate at the lower dose (10mg) is needed to maintain bone mass and prevent or slow further deterioration. Patients will receive either active medication or placebo (fake medication).


*Male or female between 18 - 80 years old.

*Must have had a total hip replacement greater than or equal to two years.

*Holes have formed in the bone surrounding your hip replacement as determined by an x-ray.

*If youčre a female you must not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant during the next year.

*You must not have a recent medical history of GI disease (peptic ulcer, malabsorption, esophageal disease or GI bleeding.)

*May not be using a bisphosphonate medication for osteoporosis (e.g. Fosamax).