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We offer comprehensive care for the patient with osteoporosis by a team of physicians including rheumatologists, endocrinologists, radiologists, and orthopedists. Patients may be seen in the Rheumatology Faculty Practice, the Osteoporosis Clinic, or the Osteoporosis Center at ArthroFitness which combines medical treatment with on-site physical therapy including pool therapy. We offer on site bone density testing as well as a full array of radiology procedures. We offer treatment programs for patients at risk for osteoporosis as well as for patients with established osteoporosis.

Through our Ambulatory Clinical Research Center we offer clinical trials of a variety of new agents including hormones and bisphosphanates. We also have physicians with expertise in the treatment of other metabolic bone diseases such as Paget's Disease and osteomalacia and have a pathology and radiology departments with special expertise in the diagnosis of metabolic bone disorders.

Contact:  212-683-0624