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The Center for Arthritis and Autoimmunity

The Center for Arthritis & Autoimmunity is designed to provide the public with a comprehensive and well-coordinated program for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders in adults and children. The uniqueness of the Center rests on its ability to offer an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the care and management of rheumatologic conditions . Patients have access to an array of services which include complete rheumatologic evaluations, orthopaedic and neurological consultative services, participation in clinical trials using the most advanced interventional therapies, highly sophisticated diagnostic testing, rehabilitation, and complementary medicine.

Patients are under the care of physicians who are nationally recognized by their peers both for their clinical knowledge and expertise and for their talents as research scientists.

Having combined all of these elements into one program, we can assure patients that the best possible care for musculo-skeletal disorders is being rendered at the Center for Arthritis & Autoimmunity at the Hospital for Joint Diseases.